After the Hurricane Hits - A quick reference page perfect for hurricane season.

Ask Commissioner Donelon - The Commissioner's award winning question-and-answer-style column that appears in more than 30 newspapers around the state.

Consumer Beware - A top ten list of things you can do to stop insurance fraud.

Consumer's Guide to Auto Insurance - Shopping tips, update on auto insurance laws, policy terminology, and discount information.

Consumers' Guide to Homeowners Insurance - Shopping tips, policy terminology, discount information and easy-to-use worksheets make this series a consumer favorite.

Consumer's Guide to Life Insurance - Information on life insurance options.

Consumers' Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance - To help consumers better understand Long-term Care Insurance and make better decisions when considering a policy.

Insurance Fraud- A Crime That Affects Us All - Information on how to recognize and report insurance fraud.

Louisiana Insurance Update - Articles from the Department's industry newsletter.

Louisiana SHIIP - A brochure to inform senior citizens in Louisiana about SHIIP counselors who can help them with their Medicare questions.

Medigap Rights and Protections - A brochure to provide senior citizens in Louisiana with Medigap insurance information.

MNRO -Decisions Based on Medical Necessity - A brochure to educate consumers on the Medical Necessity Review Organization law.

Teenager's Guide to Auto Insurance - Answers to common questions teenagers have about getting auto insurance.

Weathering the Storm - A colorful booklet with advice on how to handle your insurance needs before, during and after a storm.

What to Do After a Flood - A step-by-step reference page for use after a flood.

Workers' Compensation Dos & Don'ts - A good source of information on workers' compensation.